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       We want to help you Grow $ales & Profit

      " Investments..  That Last for Year's "

Logo's... to packaging design .. labels... to

Personalized and Customized Merchandise 

Business Image - Product Image - Service Image.... Its All About Image !

Business Consulting ... Is offered as a Support System

Creative Visualization... You Have to See It.. To Make It Happen..! In which we can... "Unleash The Beast " 

Boost Sales >> ...Marketing.. .. Product Introductions.. Product Development.. Packaging .. Manufacturing  ..

Gain More of the Market Place...    Boost Profits & Sales ..

 Unleash Your Product's ...  Unleash Your Business...

OBTAIN..  >  "STRONGER BRANDING"  ... With ...

                         IMAGE MAKER PLUS  

Signs - Window Decals - Tee Shirts >>>Silk Screening

Why do Business Big or Small want Silk Screening & Embroidery...well 

it...  Stands Out.. Simple as that..  !  

But there is a lot more to it than most might think... Yes it Looks Great..  Yes its in your Markets Face..!  Yes it Speaks Loud.. with-out you having to ..SAY A WORD...  and Hey Any-One can become a Traveling Salesman...

So ..  Take a Hat.. and Expressing Your Business all Over Face to Face..! and it will Last for Years and Years..      .... Yup it Directly inter's into your Market and More ! 

 This is most Amazing.. and Simple..!  A Most Cost Effective.. Direct Marketing Promotional Tool ! 

  Yes.. We understand this its our Business... !  and we hope you can see it to "Your Hats All Over. "

                                                                                 Read On

                                                                     BONDING & BRANDING

    Well.. Hand some-one a nice Hat.. see if they don't just smile.. and say ..Thanks !   and then what.. Go home and Show-Every One.. and it just keeps going...all over the ..County and Country..

           "We are not just selling Hats.."

  It is the most Complex and Simple Advertising at the same time..!  And .. HIGH IMPACT BRANDING.. 

                                                         So much more than a Nice Hat..! 




  A Advertising and Bonding.. Marketing Tool..  customer's.. potential customer's.. one of the best ways to connect to a Potential Customer and Bring them Back..! 

 Employee's well Both..  Bonding and Connecting.. and Traveling About !

Create a Standard.. and a unified look and statement in your community...     Yup its all True !



          Sell at below cost ...  !  This can work for many Business's.. share cost.. consumer gets a Deal..

and so Don't You and your Business..!   


       Sell them and even make a Profit on your Advertising... Yup.. you cant beat that !  

this method can work for many Business Also.. Yup ..have your cake and eat it to..!

           "We can assist you in a most Appropriate .. and Profitable Way"